Perth Pros Study Club

Perth Prosthodontics Study Club

The Perth Prosthodontics Study Club aims to provide an opportunity for clinicians to professionally interact with each other, revise and update on the clinical efficacy of various prosthodontic treatment options and discuss clinical cases in a casual environment.

With new concepts on restorative materials and treatment techniques constantly emerging in the practice of dentistry, many clinicians are faced with the difficulties of staying up to date. Without active involvement in continuing professional development, it can be a challenge to maintain a high level of clinical advancements and provide the best possible quality of dental care.

The Perth Prosthodontics Study Club will offer a minimum of 4 educational events per calendar year (CPD points accredited).

  • Please refer to "Education & Training - CPD" under the tab "For Dental Professionals" for further information on event dates, courses and registration details.

  • Limit of group size applies.

Scope of Study Club:

  • Conventional Fixed Prosthodontics

    • Crown

    • Fixed Partial Denture (Bridge)

    • Veneers

    • Inlays / Onlays

    • Resin Bonded Bridge

  • Conventional Removable Prosthodontics

    • Complete Denture

    • Partial Denture

    • Overdenture

  • Adhesive Dentistry - Bonding Technique

  • Dental Ceramics and its Application

  • Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth

    • Ferrule Effect - Keep or Extract?

    • Post and Core - Direct or Indirect?

  • Management of Worn Dentition

  • Dental Implants

    • Risk Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning

    • Restorative Treatment

    • Management of Implant Complications and Maintenance



      Year 1


      Inaugural Meeting  - Introduction Meet and Greet

      Adhesive Dentistry + Cements

      Composite Use

      Determine Tooth Restorability


      Year 2


      Management of heavily restored / root canal treated teeth

      Dental Ceramics + Update on Bonding Cement Systems

      Aesthetic Principles – Part I

      Aesthetic Principles – Part II


      Year 3


      Veneer Case – How is it done?

      Back to Basics – Dental Implants – Part I –  Understanding Systems and Components (Hands On)

      Back to Basics – Dental Implants – Part II – Treatment planning and Risk Assessment

      Back to Basics – Conventional and CADCAM Guided Implant Surgery


      Year 4


      Back to Basics – Dental Implants – Part III - Abutments and Implant restorations

      Basics on Management of Edentulous Patient – Full arch Cases – Hype of All on 4? Overseas Failures

      Clinical Tips – Case Presentations


      Year 5


      Management of Worn Dentition – Part I

      Management of Worn Dentition – Part II

      Management of Worn Dentition – Part III

      Clinical Tips and Tricks – Case Presentations


      Year 6


      Implant Complications – Implant Overload Part I

      Implant Complications – Implant Overload Part II

      Clinical Tips and Tricks  – Case Presentations

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