Our Fabulous Support Team

Perth Prosthodontics is supported by our lovely team comprised of


Lynne joined Perth Prosthodontics well before we even opened our doors with a lifetime of experience working in various dental practices. She is witty and charming and will do her best to make you feel at home. Lynne has responsibility for the front office and together with Lauren ensures that your needs are communicated to the Specialist.


Lauren is a recent addition to the team, she has the unique role of being in both the front office and the back office, helping both Lynne and Alison as needed. Lauren loves to travel and to spend time with friends.


Alison joined Perth Prosthodontics at the same time as Lynne and is the Dental Assistant responsible for the back office, which includes the surgeries, sterilisation area and laboratory. Alison loves to travel and to cook, with her time recently taken in setting up her new home.

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