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In the past, the treatment options for WA patients requiring missing tooth replacement were limited to either a conventional tooth supported bridge which necessitates the tooth structure preparation (removal) of adjacent tooth / teeth or the use of removable dentures. With the advent of dental implants, it has offered a promising alternative for Perth patients with a reduced dentition.

Dental implant refers to a “titanium” root that is surgically placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. For a single missing tooth or few missing teeth, an artificial crown or bridge can be attached to the implant by the use of abutment.

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For a full arch of missing teeth, an entire set of artificial teeth can be fitted to a few dental implants either as a fixed arch fixed prosthesis (fixed ceramic or ceramic-metal bridge or hybrid acrylic-titanium bridge) or removable overdentures with stud attachments (locator/ball), bar attachments and digitally fully customised conus abutments. As compared to conventional removable dentures, this can offer improvement in retention, stability and patient comfort.


Diagnostic Assessment

The proposed implant site will need to be assessed for gum (soft tissues) and bone quality, and volume through dental examination photographs, dental casts, dental x-rays (radiographs) and integrated digital planning with CBCT / CT radiographic scans and intraoral surface scans.

If parameters are favourable, dental implants may be used to replace extracted teeth and the area may be restored with an artificial prosthesis during a single operation.

If parameters are unfavourable, such as the need for soft tissue and bone grafting techniques to optimise an implant site, the treatment time may be lengthened in the best interest of the patient.

In general, an implant is allowed to heal and osseointegrate (to the surrounding bone) for a minimum of 6 weeks, before an impression is taken for prosthesis construction.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

For complex cases, such as when a patient has a complex medical history, preexisting gum and bone (periodontal) disease, or a lack of bone volume, an implant case may be managed by a team of highly experienced dental specialists. This process includes the oral and maxillofacial surgeon or periodontist for gum (soft tissues) and bone tissue grafting and surgical implant placement, and the prosthodonist conducting prosthetic planning and implant crown / bridge / overdenture construction.

All procedures carry benefits and associated risks and complications. It is best for a prosthodontist to balance these factors and provide professional advice to help you make an informed decision on whether the procedure should progress.

Your prosthodontist will discuss the alternatives available to you and can provide you with professional advice for the best treatment option to suit your case. Please contact us to book an appointment to discuss your needs, and the associated costs, with a Perth prosthodontist.

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