Tooth Whitening and Bleaching

Tooth Whitening

Tooth staining or discolouration

Tooth staining or discolouration may be intrinsic from tooth development, medications, traumatic injuries, root canal treatment and extrinsic from external sources (food, drinks, tobacco).

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening involves the use of a peroxide based bleaching agent. By penetrating the tooth surface, reducing the size of stain pigments and its safe break down into water and oxygen, this procedure offers a safe and effective technique for a lighter and brighter smile to most individuals.

Why choose professional tooth whitening as to over-the-counter products?

Underlying cause of tooth discolouration

  • Must be identified, appropriately treated and controlled to maintain a long term sustainable result.
  • If discolouration is associated with tooth decay, gum (periodontal) disease and stained fillings (restorations), these dental problems will not be resolved with tooth whitening procedure alone.

In difficult cases with high aesthetic demands

  • Tooth whitening procedures may be used in conjunction with other prosthodontic treatments (i.e. ceramic veneers).

Individualised prescription of tooth whitening protocol

  • Type and concentration of tooth bleaching agent (approved by the Australian Dental Association)
  • Method of delivery via customised trays and/or in-surgery whitening
  • Duration of daily use
  • Duration of treatment course
  • Professional tooth whitening instructions, oral hygiene measures, dietary and lifestyle changes to optimise the result.

Monitoring of tooth whitening progress

  • Shade changes verification with pre- and post-treatment photographs and shade guide comparisons.
  • Assessment and management of side effects, such as tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation may require adjustment to the tooth whitening protocol and the prescribed use of appropriate desensitising agent.

Home whitening

Laser whitening

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